How to Clear Computer History ?

Internet Privacy Eraser software helps you to clear traces of your computer activities. These activities include opened/closed programs, mouse clicks, printer streams, list of recent documents, details of network browsing, search computer history, find file history, application logs.

1. Open Internet Privacy Eraser software.

2. Select the " Configure Cleaning options" feature. Select the "Explorer and start menu Traces" tab from the displayed Settings window:

Clear Computer History

3. Select the option of which you want to clear the traces from your computer and click the "Apply" button to save settings.

4. To remove Window traces of desktop registry, user track history, application logs, windows explorer registry streams, played Windows media player URL's... click the Windows Traces tab. Settings window with following options will be displayed:

Clear Window Traces

5. Click "Apply" to save the settings.

4. Now select the "Clean trace now" feature from the software. It will start erasing the defined options in the Internet Related Traces window.

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