Key features of Internet Privacy Eraser - Clean your Internet History Instantly

  • Clear Web History - Software erases web record items, cookies, cache, typed URL's, windows temp folder entries, windows registry items, history of address bar and web search, visited websites.
  • Clean Web History - Erases every accessed window, details of created - deleted file and folders, history of start menu click, system search, start menu run command, network browser and printing job, recent document list, application logs, recent document shortcut in windows.
  • Internet Explorer Settings - See your web page, the want you want it to be; Modify the settings for IE page: web page toolbar color, enable or disable menu bar items, change the Window logo with your selected bitmap image, enable/disable toolbar options, set the start up page, restrict pop-ups, right mouse click, file downloads, auto complete, internet connection wizard, Add sites to security zone of trusted sites or restricted sites or View complete record of visited websites and cookies.
  • Configure and Delete - Configure settings and delete traces of Windows, Internet Explorer, Start menu, Files and Folders.
  • Window Traces - Include deletion of Window internet explorer registry stream, desktop registry stream, user track record by windows, application logs, common dialog open save recent record, and window media player URL's.
  • Internet Traces - Include deletion of typed URL history, cookies, record of visiting a website, and temporary cache files.
  • Explorer and Start Menu Traces – Deletes the record of start menu run command, find file command, recent documents, network browser, explorer OCX streams, printer streams, start menu click and find computer history.
  • File and Folder Traces - clears recent documents shortcuts in windows, application logs and temporary files created by windows.
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