How Do I Delete my Internet History ?

Do you need to erase your internet history, the details of your site visits, URL's from internet explorer address bar, the website url's which you type and open?

Deleting your internet history clears the record of websites visited by you. Your computer tracks your internet activities.

The Internet Options feature of Internet Explorer by default stores history of 20 days. To delete internet history open the <Tools> menu and select the <Internet Options> option. Click the <Clear History> button from the History section in the General tab. Also define the number of days to save records in the <Days to keep pages in history> field. Every trace of your site visit will get cleared.

Delete Address Bar History


You have many reasons to delete typed url's in the web address bar. Its not at all easy to remove, delete typed url's from the address bar in fraction of seconds. You need to delete the temp files, cookies, caches and restart your computer for things to take place. But with RecoveryFix Internet Privacy Eraser software, its all easy.

Free internet privacy eraser software to delete internet history protects your internet privacy by deleting the internet history and computer activities. it helps you to delete browser history, address bar history, cookies of your browser, temp folder files, internet search history and much more. Software to delete internet history is completely safe to use and is free from any viruses, adware or spy ware.

Key Features of RecoveryFix Internet Privacy Eraser Tool:
  • Delete Internet History
  • Delete IE Cookies
  • Delete IE Cache Files
  • Delete IE Address Bar History
  • Delete Windows Registry Streams
  • Delete Windows Temporary Files Directory.
  • Delete Recent Document List
  • Delete Start menu Run History
  • Delete Find Computer History
  • Delete Played Windows Media Player Files.
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