How to define settings for Personalized Web page ?

Do you keep on experimenting and troubleshooting with your computer? Do you want to change and have personalized web page which has every option which you want to view on your web page and remove unwanted options?

Internet Privacy Eraser lets you do so, you can easily personalize your web page with the internet history eraser software. The Internet explorer settings features enables you to modify the web page and computer settings.

1. Open Internet Privacy Eraser software.

2. Select the " Internet explorer settings " feature".

Personalize your Webpage

Software is equipped with 4 categories for modification: Internet Explorer Settings, IE Options Tab, Security Zones, and Tools.

Internet Explorer Settings:

IE Settings  


Select any of the options and define menu bar, directories, pages and IE restriction settings for your web page.



IE Options Tab:

Define IE Options Tab


Select any of the tabs to enable or disable it on your personalized web page.



Security Zones:

Define Security Zones

Define trusted and restricted sites to view.





View and delete history list and cookies.

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